ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation Board of Directors approved on Thursday more than $48 million in grants, interest-free loans, and low-cost loans to support vital drinking water and wastewater infrastructure projects across New York State.

The FY 2022 Budget adds a $500 million allotment to support clean water. This raises the State’s total investment to $4 billion.

The Board’s approval includes financing through the Clean and Drinking Water State Revolving Funds and grants that are part of the Water Infrastructure Improvement Act (WIIA) program.

The projects approved at the April 8 meeting include:

Drinking water

  • Village of Stillwater in Saratoga County
    • $488,946 in short-term low interest financing and $733,418 in 2019 WIIA grant for the replacement of aged, corroded, and tuberculated water main with new ductile iron water main along Lake Road
  • Town of Windham in Greene County
    • $5,066,000 in long-term interest free financing and $1,700,000 in 2015 WIIA grant for installation of a new backwash tank and backup generator at the Westwinds WTP, replacement and extension of deteriorating cast iron water main, and installation of new water main

Clean water

  • City of Glens Falls in Warren County
    • $1,405,275 in short-term interest free financing and $468,425 in 2019 WIIA grant for planning, design and construction of pump station capacity improvements by force main replacement and collection system repairs