A bill that is seen as a limit to their Second Amendment rights for some and lifesaving to others, passed one giant hurdle today, but still has a way to go before it can become law.

“The bill has passed it now goes to codes,” Senator John Bonacic (R-Delhi) said.

The Senate Democrats forced the Judiciary committee to vote on the Extreme Risk Protection Order bill. This bill would allow a judge to block people who are likely to hurt themselves or others from purchasing or possessing guns.

“Each year 900 New Yorkers die in gun-related violence and many many more are injured. And that is 900 too many,” Senator Brian Kavanagh (D-New York City) said.

The bill has to pass through a series of committees before it can be taken up for a vote in the Senate. Groups from around the state were at the Capitol advocating for it to be pushed through.

“You have to in the New York State Senate, force our Republican colleagues to even consider sensible legislation such as this,” Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D-Yonkers) said.

Although the bill passed, there was one vote against it.

“I thought it was a backdoor way of wanting more gun control, and the momentum going for that is the recent shootings,” Sen. Bonacic said.

Even though advocates of the bill say that these protection orders can help prevent suicide and mass shootings, Sen. Bonacic says there still needs to be a separation of emotion and protecting people’s rights to own guns.

“There’s no clear answer as to when they get their guns back and when they pay for it if that respondent has no probable cause and the judge finds no clear or convincing proof.”

The bill has already passed the Assembly but still must get through the Codes Committee in the Senate before it can be voted on there.