ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — New York State lawmakers are at odds over what to do about Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s emergency powers due to expire at the end of April. While some want a full removal of the powers granted to him last March to help cope with the coronavirus pandemic, others are looking at a rollback. 

Republicans in both chambers are introducing a hostile amendment to rescind the governor’s emergency powers. What’s interesting is that the text stems from a Democrat’s bill.

“I’m going to be introducing Senator Biaggi’s bill as a hostile amendment on the floor today for a straight-up vote,” said NYS Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt. 

That was the call Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt made Monday afternoon. Democrat Senator Alessandra Biaggi’s bill to revoke the extension of Governor Cuomo’s emergency powers is cosponsored by several Republicans. Majority leadership, however, would have needed to take it to the floor, and only 20 senators voted to allow the amendment to be added to the democratic bill.

Last week, Deputy Majority Leader Mike Gianaris told NEWS10 ABC separate legislation was in the works to roll back the Governor’s powers. “We are proposing that there be a committee of legislators who would be required to approve any directives before they take effect, which is a lot better than what we have now, which is that these directives happen absence some kind of override at a later date,” he said.

But Republicans have taken issue with the commission aspect of that proposal. Because they don’t set the agenda of what goes to the floor, they have advanced hostile amendments to remove the Governor’s emergency powers several times. 

“We strongly oppose, and I assume the Senate Minority opposes, is some sort of commission where you’re just transferring the executive power to the legislative leaders. And that would still cut out the rank-and-file members… that’s why we want just a straight repeal of the Governor’s executive powers. Everybody ought to have a voice in that,” Assembly Republican Leader Will Barclay said. 

NEWS10 has reached out to a spokesperson for Senator Biaggi to see what her thoughts are on Republicans using the text of her bill as a hostile amendment and we are waiting to hear back.