ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Industries such as law enforcement, education, and health care are seeing staffing issues. With extra money for COVID relief coming from the Federal Government this year, Senator Joe Griffo proposes giving workers bonuses to help solve a shortage of employees.

“This is a good way to recruit and retain people in health care, in law enforcement, and education. So we are looking at sign-on bonuses of $7,500 for coming to any of those professions and $2,500 for those who are staying here,” explained Griffo.

He said this will help make New York more competitive amongst other states.

“Florida actually has a bill that is trying to recruit people in law enforcement to come to Florida,” said Griffo. “And it’s a $5,000 bonus if you come to Florida from another state to the state of Florida. We need to be aware of this and to compete to keep our best and brightest here particularly in these fields of education, law enforcement, and in health.”

Oneida County sheriff, Rob Maciol supports the Senator’s proposal and said issues such as bail reform, negativity towards police, and the private sector offering more money are just some of the reasons why there’s a shortage of people in his field.

“I really think offering a potential $7,500 sign-on bonus with a $2,500 retention bonus— that is critical,” said Maciol. “It will help us greatly. Whether we are talking police officers in the law enforcement division or corrections officers in our corrections division, this is a critical component to filling the vacancy’s that we have.”

Senator Griffo would like this legislation to be included in the New York State budget that is due next week.