ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Tuesday, New York State will lift suspensions on driver’s licenses for those who received them as a result of unpaid traffic fees and fines. Payment plan options will also be put in place. 

“Hundreds of thousands of drivers were unable to drive simply because they could not afford to pay a traffic ticket all in one lump sum. And that ends tomorrow,” said Katie Adamides, with the Fines and Fees Justice Center.

She says the Driver’s License Suspension Reform Act helps to address income and racial inequality across the state. Courts ended issuing new suspensions for unpaid tickets in March, but many New Yorkers have existing suspensions. Those will be terminated Tuesday. 

But there are rules that must be followed: your license can still be suspended for unanswered tickets or for not appearing in court.

“It’s important to answer, appear, or enter a payment plan so that you don’t have a suspension for not appearing or for not answering,” Adamides said. 

She says the best way to start a payment plan is to visit the DMV website at

“The DMV website will allow you to see how to enter a payment plan in your area depending on where you got the ticket. You may need to fill out a form. You may be able to do it online. But you’ll give information about your income, and based on your monthly income, you’ll have your payment calculated and you’ll be able to take next steps from there,” she said. 

The DMV will also be sending notifications to people with suspensions about the changes and payment plans. 

If you don’t have access to internet, you can also call the DMV at 800-698-2931 for more information.