ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN) — Vocal New York voiced their opposition to any changes in Bail Reform on Friday at the Capitol. With the budget already past deadline, advocates are using every opportunity to be heard. 

Bail Reform, which was passed in 2019, eliminated cash bail for most misdemeanor and non-violent felony charges. It also requires judges to consider whether or not a person can afford bail payments. 

However, some people blame the rise in crime to this legislation while others say there is no connection between the two. 

While the Governor has proposed a 10-point plan, which would implement changes in bail reform, lawmakers in the Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic & Asian Legislative Caucus proposed their own 10 point public safety plan.

It focuses on improving mental health services, access to education, and solving the homelessness issue. 

Member of the Bail Reform Coalition, Marvin Mayfield, says legislators should be focusing on investing in communities rather than changing bail reform policies. “More policing, more jailing, more pre-trial incarceration has never equated or amounted to public safety or community safety. We’re just as equally concerned about safety in our communities as anyone else is, but the way they’re doing it, by attacking bail reform, will not create public safety,” he said.

More details on any potential changes in Bail Reform will unfold as lawmakers close in on a budget deal.