The NYS Senate is coming under fire Tuesday for being the ones to block policy issues from being in the budget such as the Child Victims Act, the Dream Act and more. 

Governor Cuomo is expected to regain control of the Senate possibly as soon as the end of the month. 

“We got the policy issues out, and I think most people agree, this is a budget for people’s dollars,” said Senator Jim Tedisco (R – Schenectady) 

Policy issues such as the Child Victims Act, early voting, bail reform and more was left out of the budget this year. Republicans say this is a good thing since the budget is about numbers, but not everyone agrees.  

In a statement sent out this morning, the state’s Democratic Committee said the time is up for the Senate to be split, “Any Democratic Senator who does not forge unity or fosters division is disloyal to the Party and we shall and will unite to defeat them.” 

This statement refers in part to the Independent Democratic Committee or the IDC. The eight member group split from the Democratic Party in 2011, giving control of the Senate to the Republicans.

“In New York City he puts on an entire Broadway show to parade around as a progressive Democrat leading the resistance. But in Albany he is definitely handing over power to the party of Donald Trump,” said Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate, Cynthia Nixon.

Cynthia Nixon and others have criticized Governor Cuomo’s seeming reluctance to unite the IDC with the Democrats like he promised late last year. When asked last Friday after announcing the finalized budget deal, he still seemed to push the question off. 

“Let’s talk politics after all the votes are taken tonight,” said Governor Cuomo.

But re-unifying the IDC is not the only thing needed for Democrats to control the Senate. On April 24th, there will be a special election for two open Senate seats. Governor Andrew Cuomo is down in New York City today campaigning for one of the Democratic challengers. 

However, Republicans also plan to fight for these two vacant seats. So, by the end of this month we will have a better understanding of what group will control the Senate next.