ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — As the New York State budget deadline approaches, both the Senate and the Assembly have put forth their yearly one-house budget proposals. This system represents a way for legislators to negotiate what they would like to see included.

Both one-house budgets passed Monday night, which means New York State’s budget is one step closer to being finalized come early April. Neither Senate nor Assembly included alcohol to-go, something Gov. Kathy Hochul has been calling for.

The one-house budgets are similar because they increase spending for health care, education, and child care. “Overall, the Senate and the Assembly is in the same place on pretty much everything,” said Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie.

They differ when it comes to suspending the New York State gas tax because of the rise in gas prices. It was included in the Senate proposal, but not the Assembly’s. It’s something that Assembly Minority Leader, Will Barclay, is advocating for.

“In New York City, they aren’t worried about driving,” said Barclay.” They use public transportation. So it’s almost really an upstate issue, unfortunately. But, I truly believe this will provide immediate relief to New Yorkers right now.”

When it comes to the Senate’s budget, Democratic Sen. Jeremy Cooney said he’s very pleased and supports the inclusion of a gas tax suspension. “I think it’s important that the Senate put it in the one-house budget because it sends a message,” he said. “This is a priority to New Yorkers, whether you live upstate or downstate and we are going to do something about it in this budget process.”