Election Day is quickly approaching and Congressman Chris Collins is showing no sign of dropping out of the race despite his indictment.

Congressman Chris Collins is facing a multitude of federal charges for an alleged insider trading scheme, but his name will still be on the ballot this November. 

Taking a candidate’s name off the ballot is extremely hard and there are only three ways this can happen including if they pass away, if they are disqualified, such as they do not meet residency or age requirements, or if they remove themselves. 

“You can decline an office but it’s usually during very specifically defined declination periods and all the periods for the House of Representatives have all passed,” John Conklin, Director of Public Information for NYS Board of Elections, said.

This means that even if Collins chose not to run and wanted to remove himself, which is very highly unlikely, it would be too late. 

Also if a candidate passes away within a week of the election, their name will still be on the ballot. 

“It’s just too late to change the ballot at that point.”

Preventing a constantly changing ballot is exactly why the Board of Elections say they do have deadlines. It’s a way voters have a chance to know definitively what  will be on there so they can research their options beforehand.

“We want to publicize who is on the ballot. Candidates are going to be telling people who is on the ballot so you don’t want the ballot changing a lot before Election Day.”

Election Day is November 6th.