ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Senate and Assembly voted to pass the New York State legislative redistricting maps, but just like in years past, this didn’t come without controversy. Governor Hochul signed the bills into law.

“When we are talking about the state legislative maps, the Republicans have formed some of the most aggressive political gerrymandering in the country on those maps, and the bulk of our work was simply unraveling that and making sure that communities — often communities of color — throughout the state that have been divided two, three sometimes into four different senate districts are made whole again,” said Senator Michael Gianaris, State Senate Deputy Majority Leader. 

Two new Senate seats have been given to New York City, taking a way from upstate. Republican Senators are starkly opposed to these new district maps, including Capitol Region Senator Jim Tedisco. His district will be dramatically changing.

“They basically turned my district upside down. I have been through four redistrictings,” stated Tedisco. “Yes, they try to beat me out and move me to other areas, but this was draconian. They matched a couple of us with another Senator Republican and diminished our ability to really represent in commonality the people of Upstate New York.”

In the Assembly, the State Legislature redistricting maps passed with a vote of 118-29.

“I’m personally happy with my own lines in the assembly one, and I think it’s sort of a mixed bag in the assembly. Some members are for it, some members are opposed to it,” said Will Barclay, Assembly Republican Leader.

The New York State Congressional map passed in both houses on Wednesday. The Governor signed it into law on Thursday.

Republican lawmakers have already talked about a potential lawsuit. Something that Democrats are anticipating; however, they believe these maps will hold up in court.