ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The New York State budget was due several days ago, but has been delayed over revenue negotiations. Now, lawmakers are catching up, working to pass bills Tuesday.

There are usually about ten budget bills, and so far, seven have been posted. A consequence of the late budget is that some public employees may receive their paychecks late. In a message to members, Public Employees Federation President Wayne Spence called the possible delay in paychecks unacceptable.  

“We have been here all year long. We have been out there all year long. Not getting a check, that’s a non-starter. That is nothing short of disrespect,” Spence said. 

The process to pass bills on the floor typically takes hours and hours due to debate. 

“It is our understanding that all of the budget bills have been agreed upon three-way, are perhaps in some level of process,” said Senator Liz Krueger. “Our goal is to complete our work by the end of business today.”

While some issues like mobile sports betting, excluded worker funding and increased taxes on the wealthy have been negotiated up to the wire, increased funding for infrastructure like Extreme Winter Recovery, CHIPS and PAVE programs has come through.

“We really created a historic investment in transportation statewide in this budget. We put forward over a quarter of a billion dollars more in transportation funds this year than in last year alone,” said Senator Tim Kennedy. 

Normally bills must age three days to be voted on, but they can be voted on immediately if Gov. Andrew Cuomo sends messages of necessity.