ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — An appellate judge issued a temporary stay Monday to keep the current redistricting maps in place after a state Supreme Court judge ruled they were unconstitutional. The maps were drawn by state lawmakers and approved by Gov. Kathy Hochul after an independent commission assigned to the task failed to reach an agreement.

The new maps were drawn after the 2020 census. Republicans claimed the new maps were “undeniably politically gerrymandered” after four republican seats were knocked out by the maps.

Republican electors sued by arguing democrats drew the maps with political bias. A Steuben County judge agreed. In his ruling, Judge Patrick McAllister said the maps cannot be used for any upcoming elections, including the June primary. 

However, the appellate judge’s ruling means the maps can remain in place while the appeals process continues to play out. The New York State primary is scheduled for June 28.