ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The New York State Supreme Court judge who ruled New York’s election maps were unconstitutional appointed an expert Monday to redraw the maps. The state has already appealed the ruling, which keeps the original maps in place until a higher court makes a decision.

Judge Patrick McCallister pushed forward anyway and ordered the state to submit updated maps to Dr. Jonathan Cervas by April 22 with the new maps to be finalized by May 24. The state would pay Cervas as much as $90,000 to do the job.

The redistricting maps were approved in February, but Judge McCallister ruled they were unconstitutional on March 31 after a lawsuit was filed in Steuben County that claimed the new maps were “undeniably politically gerrymandered” after four republican seats were knocked out by the maps.

The New York State primaries are scheduled to take place on June 28. If McCallister’s ruling is upheld on appeal, it would push the primaries back to August, and the newest version of the maps will be used.

Judge McCallister’s order to appoint a master to draw the maps can be read in-full below: