ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – During the third installment of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State Address, he announced a four-step plan for building a Green Economy in New York State. He asserted that converting to renewable energy will not only fuel the economy and provide “future jobs,” but it will also be “essential to our survival.”

“Nature is telling us to do something, or I will,” Cuomo said. “We must replace fossil fuel plants with clean power. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it.”

The new green energy program requires four simultaneous initiatives to succeed, according to Governor Cuomo.

  1. Build Large Scale Renewable Projects
  2. Start NY Manufacturing 
  3. Build Transmission Capacity
  4. Create a Green Energy Workforce Training Program

To build the nearly 100 renewable onshore wind farms, offshore wind farms, and solar farms planned across the state, Governor Cuomo announced a $26 billion private-public sector partnership that would create 11,000 jobs in upstate New York.

He also announced the Port of Albany as the chosen location for constructing the nation’s first offshore wind tower-manufacturing facility.

“I am proud to learn the Port of Albany will be home to New York State’s first wind tower manufacturing site – a project I have tirelessly advocated for over the past fourteen-plus months,” Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan stated.

Albany County Executive Dan McCoy also responded with thanks and said the selection “is a monumental opportunity for Albany County and the entire Capital Region.”

The project plans to contribute to the build of 150 wind towers each year in the future. Additionally, it should generate 500 construction jobs and 300 long-term jobs to upkeep the facility.

The Governor was upfront that these plans are a mammoth undertaking. However, he believes the state has no choice but to transition to renewable energy as science suggests.

“If we continue this pace, we might use up all the oil in thirty, fifty years,” said Aiguo Dai, Ph.D., a climate-change research specialist at the University of Albany. “We need to move away from fossil fuel.”