ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants large scale COVID-19 testing. 

Currently, he said there are 301 laboratories and hospitals across the state that do virology testings. He says coronavirus testing is expensive and requires certain chemicals purchased from China to be performed. 

“And that’s why the federal government has to be part of this approach and part of this answer. I can do what I can do on the state side and I will,” he said.

During the Governor’s press conference, Pres. Donald Trump tweeted that the Governor “should spend more time ‘doing’ and less time ‘complaining.'”

He went on to say the federal government has helped build hospital beds, “gave large numbers of ventilators” the state “should have had” and helped with testing the state “should be doing.”

When asked about the comments, the Governor had this to say: 

“First of all if he’s sitting home watching tv, maybe he should get up and go to work, right?” said the Governor.

The Governor says he’s trying to avoid states competing on their own to purchase the testing materials and driving costs up.

The President also tweeted: “The states have to step up their TESTING!”

“He’s saying he doesn’t want to provide funding to the states. And he doesn’t want to help on testing. And I can tell you the state’s can’t do it otherwise. And, if this testing doesn’t work, that’s a serious problem,” the Governor said.

The Governor is also signing an executive order requiring all labs in the state to coordinate with the Department of Health to prioritize diagnostic testing.