Joseph Percoco, the ex-aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, was sentenced to six years in prison for corruption.

In May, Percoco was found guilty of two counts of Conspiracy and one count of Solicitation of Bribes for conspiring with Syracuse and Hudson Valley business executives. Prosecutors said he sold his influence in government to help businesses get an advantage.

Percoco had nothing to say after his sentencing. He did write a letter to the judge last week asking for only two years in prison. He claimed he was remorseful for his actions and lays awake at night thinking about what he should have done.

But the prosecution asked the judge to give Percoco a sentence that government corruption will not be tolerated. They said the crime should be taken seriously since Percoco operated with unchecked power and was the voice of the governor.

The judge seemed to agree and called Percoco’s actions that of a corrupt public official with no respect for the law. She said it will hopefully serve as a warning to others in Albany.

Percoco’s lawyers tried to argue that he was a good man who made a bad decision, but the judge called Percoco a bully who seemed to like throwing his weight around.

Gov. Cuomo issued the following statement:

“I was an Assistant District Attorney and Attorney General, and the rule of law is paramount. Joe Percoco is paying the price for violating the public trust. And it should serve as a warning to anyone who fails to uphold his or her oath as a public servant. On a personal level, the human tragedy for Joe’s young children and family is a very sad consequence.”

Percoco heads home from federal court a free man until he most likely has to report to the Otisville prison on December 28. The amount he will have to pay back will be set at a later date.