ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — This week on Empire State Weekly, the asylum seeker situation continued to develop. The state issued a report detailing findings on how DocGo, the company hired to care for incoming migrants, performed.

Cianna Freeman-Tolbert, an immigration expert and lawyer with Whiteman Osterman & Hanna, explained the report from the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance, detailed that some concerns on the care for the asylum seekers had been addressed. She went on to say that others in the community have questioned the accuracy of the report and still want more to be done.

“You have individuals coming from another country, you don’t know what they’ve been told to say, you don’t know what kind of pressure… You need to observe them in different instances, and that’s what the people from social services are for. The nonprofits and social services that have been interacting with them day to day. That’s why they’re able to give a more candid outlook on how they’re being treated. I’m not saying the report was inaccurate; I’m just saying the report may not have been as thorough as it could have been.” Said Freeman-Tolbert.

Also this week, mortgage rates have risen, and home sales have dropped, which means a rough outlook for perspective home buyers. Kahjal Lahiri, a Distinguished Professor from the Dept. of Economics at UAlbany, explained the interconnected housing situation.

“Because the mortgage rate is so high, the sellers of homes whose mortgages are very low, are trying to hang onto their homes, so the supply of homes is also low, with a high mortgage rate, you’ve got a squeeze in the market. That’s what is happening.” Said Lahiri.

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