April 20th, or 4/20, is on Friday, a holiday celebrated by marijuana enthusiasts everywhere.

With states all around New York legalizing the substance, New Yorkers are still left wondering if New York will be the next state to take that step.

“In a blue state like New York, marijuana shouldn’t even be an issue,” Cynthia Nixon, Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate, said.

Nixon, who is running for governor against Governor Andrew Cuomo, has come out in recent weeks, to show her strong support for legalizing recreational marijuana. She says it has become a racial issue, and often African Americans or Hispanics are the main ones who end up being legally punished.

“For white people, the use of marijuana has effectively been legal, for a long time. Isn’t it time we legalize for everyone else?”

Nixon also says that legalizing marijuana would generate millions in revenue for the state. But despite Nixon saying New York is behind on the issue, Gov. Cuomo has a different story.

“I think we’re actually ahead on it. We announced months ago that we were going to study the legalization issue.”

The Marijuana Legalization task force was announced in January. It’s supposed to study the health, economic and criminal justice impact of marijuana regulation. However, in the past three months little has been done.

The Department of Health has stayed relatively quiet on the issue, despite repeated attempts at contacting them, saying only that the task force is being formed. According to sources, the study is expected to be completed by this fall.

“I’m trying to depoliticize the issue and say let’s get the facts.

Gov. Cuomo says the legislature is divided and he needs to convince lawmakers with facts before anything can move forward.