Election day is now exactly a week away. 

As Democrats look to tip another seat blue, we take a look at another Senate race in our area. The 46th District, which consists of all of Montgomery and Greene Counties, and portions of Schenectady, Albany, and Ulster Counties, is currently being held by Senator George Amedore.

Pat Strong worked for the U.S. Department of Energy and for the last 15 years as a contractor for the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. She says its this background that has her focused on promoting clean energy in the state.

“It’s in everybody’s interest. It’s in the interest of business and in the interest of regular New Yorkers to get our carbon footprint down,” Strong said.

Senator Amedore has been Senator now for four years and before that State Assemblyman for six years. He is also currently Vice President of Amedore Homes, a local home building company. This is why Amedore says his big focus in the Senate is growing the workforce and local businesses.

“How we can reduce worker comp premiums, how we can bring more affordability to employers so they can invest in their business as well hire more employees.”

When it comes to guns, Strong says she supports the SAFE ACT and does not support having guns being carried in schools

“I’m interested in those gun safety issues that we can all agree on,” Strong said.

Amedore says he hopes to repeal the SAFE ACT saying it hasn’t kept many people safe. He says when it comes to guns in schools, it should be looked at from a local level.

“I think we should look at the policies, how we can strengthen security and make it more safe for everyone,” Amedore said.

When it comes to health, Strong wants to start paving the way for a single-payer health care system in the state, while Amedore strongly opposes government-run healthcare.

“There is no way, no how, that I can support a big government program that is not going to reduce the cost of healthcare, it’s going to increase our taxes and fees and it’s not going to give the quality of care that we all deserve and need.”

“People are struggling with their healthcare costs. If they have insurance its too expensive, if they don’t have insurance they need to get covered and we can do much better in New York state then what we are doing now,” Strong said.

Also with the legalization of recreational marijuana most likely up to the legislature next year, Strong says she is all for it, while Amedore says he is for expanding the medical marijuana program, but not recreational use.

Make your voice heard next week and head to the polls!