ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — More transparency on bail reform. GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy submitted a freedom of information law request to obtain all communication on bail reform to the Governor’s administration. 

Langworthy saying that with election time coming up, the Governor is now politically motivated to make changes to the bill when she was previously a proponent. The Chairman says rather than making adjustments, bail reform should be fully repealed and credits the rise in crime to the legislation.   

“I mean they’re claiming that there’s no data. It’s just obvious that we have a new spike in crime. When criminals and people that will knowingly commit crimes  are just let out of jail with no recourse you’re going to have a lot more crime on their hands,” he said.

The Governor’s 10 point safety plan has been met with criticism from fellow democrats, but she assures the public that any changes to be made will only help the legislation,

“This is not about undoing bail reform, it’s about finding areas we can strengthen it and make it work for people and that is only one dynamic of an overall crisis we’re having now in public safety … we have to deal with the mental health crisis,” said Hochul.

Details on bail reform will unfold with the budget being due next week.