ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The New York State Assembly is dropping its impeachment investigation of Gov. Andrew Cuomo upon his resignation. 

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie says there were two reasons for the decision. One was that the probe was to determine if the Governor should be removed from office, and he’s resigned. The other was that Judiciary Chair Charles Lavine and counsel didn’t believe it could move forward constitutionally.

In a statement, Heastie said: “Let me be clear – the committee’s work over the last several months, although not complete, did uncover credible evidence in relation to allegations that have been made in reference to the governor.”

The Judiciary Committee was looking into the sexual harassment allegations leveled at the Governor but was also looking into other issues like the state’s COVID nursing home data and “issues concerning” the Governor’s book.  

Committee Member Phil Steck said they were not given advanced notice about the decision to drop the probe.

“I can’t say I’m surprised, given the questions about the constitutionality, but I think we should issue the report to keep the faith in New York government and show the people of this state what we’ve been doing,” he said.

Assembly Republican Leader Will Barclay says there were a bunch of reasons to go ahead with the investigation noting the importance of bringing the findings to light and that Cuomo can still run for office. 

“To drop it at the 11th hour I think is wrong and inappropriate,” Barclay said.

Heastie has asked Lavine to turn over relevant evidence collected to outside authorities investigating the Governor. 

Monday’s committee meeting has been canceled.