ALBANY N.Y. (WTEN) — The Gas Free New York Coalition says it’s now or never for climate action. Advocates are pushing for the All Electric Building Act to be passed in the budget. 

It would prohibit towns from issuing construction permits for buildings that are not deemed as all-electric. This would apply to permit applications submitted after Dec 31, 2023. 

According to a climate change report, scientists say greenhouse gasses should be cut in half by 2030 to secure a livable future. 

The Coalition says using geothermal heat pumps could help us reach that goal. The pumps use naturally existing heat from the ground and water for heating and cooling purposes rather than fossil fuels. They say that implementing these pumps would reduce utility bills and create jobs.

The bill has received support from the Governor and the Senate, but not the Assembly as of yet. 

However some assembly members are vocal about their support, “This makes perfect sense. Anybody who says that electric buildings is the wrong way to go just is uninformed. And we need to just explain to people this makes the greatest sense in the standpoint of saving our planet as well as for the pocket book,” said Assembly Member Chris Burdick District.

The Coalition is asking that New York sets the tone for the rest of the world by passing this in the budget.