SOUTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Due to federal regulations, most cannabis retailers require customers to pay through cash or debit transactions. However, Dreamer Dispensary in Southampton will be using a third party platform to bring this new convenience to customers.

The sale of recreational cannabis is legal in 18 states, including Massachusetts, but it’s not legal at the federal level, and purchasing cannabis by credit is banned by credit card companies. The Owners of Dreamer Cannabis in Southampton have found away to bring the convenience of using a credit card to customers.

Co-owner Volkan Polatol told 22News, “We had customers that came in before and they were kind of surprised that they couldn’t use their credit cards, it was just cash or debit.”

“The consumer really doesn’t notice much difference. Instead of swiping the card at a terminal, we send them a text message on their phone. They enter their name and credit card information hit pay. The process probably takes less than a minute,” said co-owner Kevin Perrier.

The dispensary is utilizing a third-party platform to make using credit possible. Customers also have the option of downloading the platform to their phone and making an account to use each time they shop at Dreamer. As competition within the industry continues to grow across the state, Dreamers hope this convenience will help them stand out.

“This is just another piece to making sure we offer the customers the best experience, the most innovative experience and open it up to a broader audience,” said Perrier.

According to the Cannabis Control Commission, since recreational marijuana retailers began selling in Massachusetts at the end of 2018, the industry has reached $2.7 billion in gross sales.

Dreamer Cannabis started using this new platform a few weeks ago and they say people are very pleased with the system.