GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Although temperatures in the Capital Region are warming up again, winter is just getting started – especially further into the Adirondacks, where colder temperatures mean more snow on the ground. Ski and snowmobile action abound. If you want to enjoy the winter on foot, you’ve got plenty of options, too.

Many enjoy winter hiking – when properly prepared. Hiking on snowy, icy trails opens up its own list of dangers. Snowshoeing doesn’t eliminate those dangers, but does provide a safer perspective, allowing walkers to stay atop the snow instead of sinking into it.

Snowshoes can be obtained at sporting goods stores and ski shops around the North Country. Research what’s in the vicinity of the trail you plan to hit – some may have snowshoe rentals not far away.

Once you’re strapped in and ready to walk, there are parks and woodlands from the Glens Falls-Queensbury area up into the Adirondacks that make a perfect place to lay some tracks: Here are some places to snowshoe in the North Country, according to

  • Amy’s Park
    • 887 Padanarum Road, Bolton Landing
    • Lake George Land Conservancy-owned park including ponds, marshes and forests; snowshoeing permitted across four trails
  • Camp Santanoni
    • Newcomb
    • One of the Adirondack Great Camps, joining three main complexes. The camp is open to snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, and annual winter events are held there.
  • Caroline Fish Memorial Trail
    • Chestertown
    • 2.6-mile trail off Landon Hill Road, used for all manner of winter sports including hiking, mountain biking and skiing
  • Castle Rock Trail
    • Maple Lodge Road, Blue Mountain Lake
    • 3-mile loop with a gentle slope to the summit
  • Cole’s Woods
    • Queensbury, between the Aviation Mall and Crandall Park
    • Multiple trails, with parking at Fire Road and the mall
  • Dynamite Hill Recreation Area
    • Dynamite Hill Road, Chestertown
    • Trail system with various terrain types
  • Hackensack Mountain Park
    • Trailhead at the corner of Hackensack Avenue and Warren Street, Warrensburg
    • 3.5 miles split across three trails
  • Hudson River Recreation Area
    • Golf Course Road, north of downtown Warrensburg
    • Lengthy recreation area running along the Hudson River
  • Jack Rabbit Ski Trail
    • Along Route 31, Lake Placid
    • Winter trail maintained by the Barkeater Trails Alliance, with free access along a marked trail
  • South Meadow Road to Marcy Dam
    • Lake Placid
    • Road left unplowed in the winter, about 8 miles from Marcy Dam’s summit

The Adirondacks are good for a lot of things, at a lot of times of year. Find out where to ski in northern New York this winter, and scope out the schedule for the Lake George Winter Carnival.