LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Lake George is already gearing up for a busy summer season. When visitors come to town, they’ll be wanting to have some fun, but they’ll also need somewhere to park.

When it comes to parking in Lake George, visitors can either use street parking or park in parking lots. Each option has different rules and different costs associated with it.

Street parking

Paid street parking, as well as non-metered street parking, is available throughout the village. The electronic meters are $2 an hour for a maximum payment of $10. According to the Village of Lake George laws, visitors cannot park at a certain meter longer than five hours between 8 a.m. to midnight.

Parking is strictly enforced between April and October, seven days a week. If you don’t pay correctly for how long you’re parked there or spend more than five hours at a meter, you could get a ticket.

Paid parking is available on:

  • Canada Street/Route 9
  • Ottawa Street
  • James Street
  • Amherst/Lower Amherst Street
  • Part of McGillis Street
  • Dieskau Street
  • Elizabeth Little Boulevard (formerly West Brook Road)

Handicapped parking is also available in a few areas throughout the village. It’s available on:

  • Beach Road South, in front of the Shirt Shack and Casualwear
  • Beach Road South, across from the Lake George Steamboat Company
  • Canada Street, in front of the Caldwell Library
  • Canada Street, across from the entrance to Shepard Park
  • Canada Street, next to the crosswalk to Shepard Park
  • Lower Amherst Street, just east of Canada Street
  • Lower Amherst Street, near the Boardwalk Restaurant
  • Lower James Street
  • McGillis Avenue, in front of Fun World Arcade
  • Montcalm Street, in front of First United Methodist Church
  • Montcalm Street, in front of the Caldwell Presbyterian Church
  • Ottawa Street, just north of the entrance to St. James Church
A parking meter on Canada Street, with the ParkMoble capability (photo: Jay Petrequin)

Visitors can use their phones to pay for parking in the village. The partnership between the Village of Lake George and ParkMobile, which started in 2020, allows people to use the ParkMobile app to pay for parking.

There are also non-metered, or free, parking spots on the west side of the village. These spots are located on Helen Street and the west sides of its intersections with other streets moving away from Canada Street, and may require some walking to your destination. Make sure to look for no parking signs, as well as marked curbs and yellow lines which indicate no parking.

Street parking is prohibited in some places, specifically near intersections and building entrances. Make sure to observe and obey all traffic and parking signs.

Metered parking is also suspended on the west side of Canada Street, and east and west sides of Ottawa Street from the point north of Amherst Street, and also on the north side of Mountain Drive between Canada Street and Ottawa Street, for all hours while school is in session.

Parking lots

Parking lots in Lake George are located:

  • Quirk Lot, off of Canada Street near Sewell Street
  • James Street Parking Lot
  • Beach Road Lot
  • Parking lot across from the Lake George Steamboat Company on Beach Road
  • Million Dollar Beach Parking Lot

The parking lot across from the Lake George Steamboat Company costs $15 a day. The Million Dollar Beach lot costs $10 per day for cars, $5 for motorcycles, and $50 for buses. According to the village laws, parking in the James Street Lot, Beach Road Lot and Quirk Lot is limited to 12 hours.