LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Recently, Six Flags Great Escape announced the retirement of a longtime ride inspired by the 1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympic Games. On Wednesday, it declared the upcoming replacement. Say goodbye to the Alpine Bobsled – and hello to The Bobcat.

Set to start running in 2024, The Bobcat carries a special prestige. The all-new coaster will be the first wooden roller coaster introduced in a New York theme park since 1999, as well as the first new coaster to come to The Great Escape since 2003. It fills the shoes of the Alpine Bobsled, in a move that the park hopes will perfectly complement its surroundings.

“We knew we had to find a perfect fit to replace the Alpine Bobsled in the hearts of our guests,” said Park President Rebecca Wood. “This beautiful, all-natural wooden family coaster will deliver a smooth, fast, and heart-pounding experience. It is sure to be an instant classic.”

The Bobcat will be the second wooden coaster rolling at The Great Escape, joining the iconic Comet. The new addition reaches 55.4 feet in height, with speeds near 40 miles per hour. The two trains on the rails are coaster trains, designed for a smoother ride than older models.

The Bobcat is set to open at The Great Escape next spring, pending approval from the town of Queensbury. When it comes, it will be just in time for the 70th anniversary of The Great Escape. The park is currently offering discounts of up to 70% off on 2024 season passes.