NORTH CREEK, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Tannery Pond Community Center in North Creek is celebrating a big birthday this month. The center, which hosts fine arts exhibitions and live music performances for the North Creek and Johnsburg areas, is turning 20. With 20 years behind, it’s only fitting to look ahead, from the center’s place in the Adirondack mountains.

This week, it was announced that the Tannery Pond Center (referring to the nonprofit that operates the center) would be assuming control of the land on which it sits, for the first time in its two decades of history. In 2002, the property – including the center itself – was donated to the Town of Johnsburg by Elise and Woody Widlund. Since then, the town and the nonprofit have operated it jointly, hosting theater space, offices, and meeting rooms.

Now, the acquisition means new plans for the Tannery Pond Center. Those plans include growth for the annual schedule of live performances, as well as new community education programs and workshops for residents of the region. The center is set to receive a $75,000 donation match by Glenn Pearsall, to help make the growth more than just ambition.

The change also means adding on a new face to the center’s repitoire. Candice Murray stepped in as the Tannery Pond Center’s new Executive Director on Aug. 1, bringing 25 years of prior experience in nonprofit work.

“I am excited to bring my years of experience to the Tannery Pond Center to help it grow and expand its offerings,” Murray said. “With such a beautiful building and a vibrant local community, the future looks bright, and opportunities are virtually limitless.”

The 20th-anniversary celebration begins properly on Oct. 1, with the “Rockin’ Roots Community Social.” The event will include food trucks, a cake content and art exhibit, activities for kids, and visits from local artisans, to exemplify the variety of programs that the Tannery Pond Community Center is capable of calling home.