THURMAN, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Two students visiting the Adirondacks recently were rescued by New York State Forest Rangers after getting lost during a day retreat from an area university. A ranger was called into the Adirondacks on the night of Saturday, Oct. 1, to respond to a report of two students lost in the woods near Dippikill Pond, miles west of Lake George and Warrensburg.

After being summoned by Ray Brook Dispatch around 9:30 p.m., a ranger reached out to the students via phone. From there, he was able to locate the students, tracking them down by the sound of their voices. They were found cold, in need of food and water, but uninjured.

The two students had become lost in the woods during the day retreat, and it was found that the university buses had left without them. The ranger onsite gave the students warm clothing, food, water and headlamps. They were brought to the Dippikill Wilderness Retreat facility where the retreat had taken place, and the students were kept there until being picked up by a parent the following morning.