SOUTH GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The South High Marathon Dance returned last weekend, raising money for those living with cancers and other conditions. This year, that support looks like a handsome six-digit number. The dance nonprofit announced on Monday that students raised $630,111 this year.

“Each year, I am amazed by the hard work and dedication of our students, staff and the South High Marathon Dance volunteers to put on this amazing event,” said South Glens Falls School Superintendent Kristine Orr. “I can’t say enough about how incredibly proud I am of each and every person who contributed. Knowing we can help families and community organizations is an amazing experience for our students.”

That total was earned at the first marathon dance since the COVID-19 pandemic to be held onsite at South Glens Falls Senior High School. It was nearly $100K above the first of the two years the dance spent displaced by social distancing concerns – when dancers flocked to Six Flags Great Escape instead. The dance raised over $800K in its last pre-pandemic year.

The dance itself is a time to raise money, but even moreso a celebration of the efforts students have already put in. The marathon dance released a list of top contributors to the 2023 total, which included:

• Logan Mahoney – $8,326.85
• Colleen Martin – $6,828.07
• Kylee Lewis – $6,214.71
• Jill Capozucca – $6,144.97
• Natalee Tucker – $5,626.92
• Addisyn Buckley – $4,881.92
• Ashlyn Fish – $3,815.65
• Brady Dennis – $3,668.35
• Mary Fitzsimmons – $3,597.69
• Keely Morgan – $3,595.05
• Rylee Moore – $3,591.11

Over the last 46 years, the South High Marathon Dance has raised over $10 million. This year, 22 beneficiaries are being helped by the donations, including families and support organizations.