WARREN COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – As graduation weekends and the 4th of July approach, the county STOP-DWI movement is getting the word out. Big events like these lead to parties, and those parties can sometimes lead to dangerous conditions on the road.

Warren County STOP-DWI Coordinator Reagan Kelley is putting the call out for safe planning, to avoid motorists getting behind the wheel while impaired by the effects of alcohol or other substances or circumstances. Data from the National Highway Safety Administration reports that injuries and arrests tied to drunk driving ramp up in the summer.

“You don’t have to risk getting behind the wheel and becoming a drunken driving statistic, or worse, a fatality,” Kelley said. “All of us at the Warren County Sheriff’s Office and STOP-DWI would like to remind everyone in our community to plan ahead when attending any summer events that may include alcohol.”

The Warren County Sheriff’s Office plans to enhance law enforcement over the Fourth of July weekend, along with other law enforcement agencies. Kelley is urging county residents to utilize the “Have a Plan” app, which those who have been drinking can use to help find rides with sober drivers.

Stats from 2015 to 2019 show 1,339 drivers killed in vehicle crashes over the Fourth of July weekend period. NHTSA data shows that 38% of those drivers were found to be drunk.

“Designate a driver or utilize ride-share like Lyft or Uber, or use the Have a Plan App,” Kelley said. “Talk to your graduating seniors about the dangers of drinking and driving and do not supply anyone under the age of 21 with alcohol. Have fun, but don’t end up hurting yourself or someone else.”