TICONDEROGA, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Summer in Ticonderoga is a time for lakeside visits, local history, and bold journeys to where no man has gone before. “Trekonderoga,” the “Star Trek: The Original Series” Set Tour experience, will be welcoming some special guests this summer – inviting new explorers to a classic set.

“Trekonderoga” is set to host “Star Trek: Picard” stars Jonathan Frakes, John De Lancie, Ed Speleers, and Brent Spiner across the weekend of Friday-Sunday, Aug. 18-20. Visitors can chat with the actors, who will lead tours of the replica U.S.S. Enterprise. Photo ops and autographs are also being offered.

The “Star Trek: The Original Series” Set Tour has welcomed various “Star Trek” actors to Ticonderoga over the years, including William Shatner on several occasions. Shatner’s next appearance is set for the weekend of July 7-9.

The replica sets were built based on original blueprints from the show, and include the U.S.S. Enterprise’s corridors, sick bay, briefing room, captain’s quarters, transporter room, and engineering space, finishing with the ship’s iconic bridge. Tickets can be purchased through “Trekonderoga” directly.