FORT ANN, N.Y. (NEWS10) – On Sunday, New York State Forest Rangers received a report of an acre-wide wildfire on a Washington County mountain near the east side of Lake George. When rangers arrived, what they found was considerably larger than expected.

Rangers responded on Sunday afternoon to reports of a fire on Putnam Mountain. Upon arrival, the reported fire was found to be around 11.3 acres in size. Ranger Poulton, who initially responded to the call, was joined by Ranger Donegan, who arrived with a six-wheeler and additional tools for the job.

Over the following five hours after Donegan’s arrival, fire crews worked to contain the fire, which grew to a maximum size of 13.7 acres. As of late Tuesday, the fire had not yet been declared out, but was considered under control by fire crews. The fire was found to be have been caused by a campfire that was left to go out of control.

The DEC advises that campfires should never be left unattended. Campfire rings should be used when possible, and should be within limits of 3 feet in height, 4 feet in diameter. If a ring is not available, one can be created using rocks in order to safely keep the fire from spreading out of control. Fires should be drowned in water when no longer being used.

Putnam Mountain is located north of the town of Fort Ann, between Comstock to the east and Pilot Knob along Lake George to the west. The trail up the mountain is a 10.6-mile loop, and is popular for backpacking and camping.