GLENFIELD, N.Y. (WWTI) — Becoming a steward for the environment has no age limit. A prime example is Lili Cihocki, a 12-year-old from Glenfield, New York.

On a regular basis, Lili and her family visit Lubec, Maine, which is known as the easternmost municipality in the country. Like many, she collects treasures like colorful sea glass with her family. After learning about how it was created, she wanted to create something more.

However, Lili started noticing a bigger problem. Her favorite beaches littered with trash.

“There is 17.6 billion tons of trash dumped into the ocean every year, and a hundred million marine animals die from plastic in the ocean,” noted Lili. “I know that is a horrible issue and I needed to find a way to help these animals so they could keep going in their lives and have a better life than they had before.”

With these two passions in mind, she decided to combine making jewelry and advocating for sea life. Her company, Keep the Splash, has a simple message: keep the ocean life splashing.

Her jewelry sales are not just helping to raise awareness. Lili donates 10% of all proceeds to ocean organizations, such as beach cleaning programs back in Maine. Even so, she says she was excited to bring this idea back home to the North Country.

“I wanted to bring the message to the North Country that this trash in the ocean is an awful problem,” stated Lili. “Because I think people really don’t know about it and they need to know about it so they don’t throw their trash out, and they help these animals live longer.”

Lili hopes that all kids her age will join her to help make the world a better place.

“It’s important that kids get to help the earth become a better place because they’re the ones in a few years that are going to be in this world and having to live through it,” she said. “And having to pass it down to generations to come.”

“I think that kids have to know about this and talk about this and do this because they need to make the world a better place for their grandchildren, great-grandchildren and many other generations,” concluded Lili.

To support Keep the Splash, visit the company’s Facebook or website for a viewing of all current products.