LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Warren County communities from Glens Falls to Lake George and into the lower Adirondacks all have access to a new program reaching out to help children at difficult times. The County is joining up with a national program through an organization doing good work in the south.

Albany-based Justice for Orphans NY will serve as the Warren County area’s local coordinator for CarePortal. This service can help caseworkers around the county ensure that children get what they need when involved in social services care. Requests put into CarePortal go to local churches, which rally to make sure no need goes unmet.

“This will be a great program to help families in Warren County,” said Warren County Acting Social Services Commissioner Christina Mastrianni. “We are excited to see everyone pull together to meet our area’s children’s needs.”

So far, Warren County requests through the service have provided a couch for a domestic violence victim and her family, pet neutering services for an at-risk family, and a bed safety device for a child with special needs. Churches working with the program include St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Warrensburg Free Methodist Church, Faith Bible Church, New Hope Community Church, Holy Mother & Child Parish, and Northway Church.

Justice for Orphans NY helps eight counties to get help through CarePortal. Since 2018, the service has helped more than 4,800 children in the capital region.