LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A new store at the Adirondack Outlet Mall on Route 9 is offering shoppers a sweet treat and refreshing beverage or dessert – a well-earned respite from a long day of shopping. But not every beverage on the shelf is something you would find at the supermarket.

“I tried the enchilada soda – it’s what you would think. But the grass soda we tried, and it was actually really good – it was fruity,” said Sophia Elgerabli, owner of the new Rocket Fizz soda shop at 1483 Route 9.

Rocket Fizz is what it sounds like – rows of sodas inside a boutique shop, occupying a standalone building once occupied by Frankie’s Pizza, which moved out in 2019. There are classic favorites, like high-end root beers and fruit sodas, as well as unusual tastes. Elgerabli’s mentions are joined by cucumber, bacon and Buffalo wing sodas, and some flavors named after famous celebrities.

It’s not just sodas, either. Alongside the rows of colorful bottles are candy and snacks of all kind, from the pre-packaged to the bulk. A gelato counter serves 24 flavors, homemade by a family business in New York City. The shop has only been serving for a short time, but Memorial Day weekend was an open bottle of success.

“Memorial Day weekend was great, people love the store,” said Elgerabli. “I think people are just excited to see a new business in Lake George.”

Rocket Fizz is a national chain, but the Lake George franchise is a family business, operated by Elgerabli and her father, Gill. Elgerabli senior is the owner of perfume shops in the area, which Sophia has helped out with – but the emporium of sweets is their first joint venture.

“Who doesn’t want to work in a candy shop,” she said. “My dad is a businessman, he’s always been a successful businessman, so when he presented the opportunity, I said, ‘Let’s do it.'”

The 1,000-square-foot store still has more to give. The family is already thinking ahead to year 2, and hoping to add fudge and other new features to the roster. Sophia recalls a trip to Savannah, Georgia, where a candy shop she visited boasted a full wall of jelly beans.

As for her favorite soda? The crown has to go to the “John Lemonade” – named after the one and only John Lennon.