GRANVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – An Amazon warehouse is coming to the northern Washington County town of Granville. Granville Mayor Paul Labas announced plans for a new Amazon Center after a town planning board meeting where a corporate representative shared the news.

According to the planners behind the project, the center will be located at the old Manchester Wood Site, and they predict that it will bring over 200 jobs with benefits to the area. Benefits are slated to include tuition reimbursement for continuing education anywhere from a general education development test (GED) up to a master’s degree.

The former Manchester Wood factory resides on 23 acres of property in Granville. The site was used for solid wood manufacturing and closed in 2018 after 42 years in business.

Amazon’s arrival in Granville would come at a time when local businesses are getting boosts. The Granville Community Foundation started work last year to create grants for local businesses, as well as community art, education and social projects. Its first round of grants went out earlier in 2022.