FORT EDWARD, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The man who was tased by Fort Edward police after kicking a wall inside the police station is suing for excessive force. According to the lawsuit filed in district court, Robert Murat-Hinton alleges the four officers at the station during the incident used excessive force by tasing him after he stopped kicking the wall.

Murat-Hinton was originally arrested on July 8 for a bar fight at McCrea Tavern in Fort Edward. Police handcuffed him to a bench when he began kicking the wall. The lawsuit—which asks for a jury trial and financial compensation—alleges an officer tased him after he stopped kicking.

Murat-Hinton was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and menacing for the incident at McCrea Tavern. He was also charged with criminal mischief due to the damage at the police station.

Washington County District Attorney Anthony Jordan said Murat-Hinton pleaded guilty to criminal mischief and was sentenced to 1.5 to 3 years in state prison. The mayor said there is an overall investigation underway into the police chief and the officer involved in the tasing incident.