INDIAN LAKE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Forest rangers from the New York Department of Environmental Conservation responded to a lost hiker report in Hamilton County. On the evening of Thursday, July 28, the DEC reported a rescue near Whortleberry Pond in the town of Indian Lake.

At around 8 p.m., forest rangers received and responded to a report of a 37-year-old Corinth man lost on OK Slip Falls, who had called for help after becoming lost on a hike. Upon receiving cell phone coordinates, rangers pinpointed the hiker’s location as two miles west of the falls, near Whortleberry Pond.

The hiker was located around 11:40 p.m. after rangers found his name on the OK Slip Falls trail register, indicating his intention to hike the falls. Trails in the area were searched, and the hiker’s footprints were found heading towards Whortleberry Pond.

When the hiker was found, it became clear that he had taken a wrong turn early in the hike. The hiker had stopped and made a campfire before calling for help, and was found in good condition. The rangers escorted the hiker back to the trailhead.

The OK Slip Falls trailhead is located on Route 28, north of the North Creek area and several miles east of the town of Indian Lake. The trail to both the falls and Whortleberry Pond leads north from the road, towards a small tributary of the Hudson River. The trail to the falls spans 6.7 miles there and back, and takes an average of 3 hours to hike to completion.