LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Lake George Association, a stewardship group involved in the protection of Lake George’s water body and communities, has filed a lawsuit against the Adirondack Park Agency, Lake George Park Commission and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. The subject of the suit: a new herbicide that the APA and LGPC recently approved for use on the lake this summer.

The LGA has partnered with the town of Hague to ban the use of ProcellaCOR EC, an herbicide that was approved last month for use at Blairs Bay and Sheep Meadow Bay in order to treat Eurasian Watermilfoil, an invasive plant that has been found in the lake for many years. The town of Hague has also passed a resolution opposing the herbicide.

In the lawsuit, the LGA alleges that the APA has failed to comply with requirements of the APA Act, as well as other laws and regulations. It alleges that the APA “orchestrated a rushed process to approve the use of a herbicide in Lake George despite an outpouring of technical and scientific opposition, procedural errors and a substantial departure from” regulatory requirements.

The suit also asks the New York State Supreme Court in Warren County to issue a restraining order, as well as a primary injunction, in the use of ProcellaCOR. Those two elements would together prohibit the use of ProcellaCOR until the county court has heard the case.

The LGA has been a verbose voice in the conversation over the use of ProcellaCOR EC, which has previously seen successful use in Minerva Lake. The group says that more questions must be answered regarding the potential long-lasting adverse effects that the herbicide could leave on the lake. In the Lake George Park Commission call where the commission decided to go ahead with the herbicide’s use, members of the Commission heard reports from Minerva Lake, as well as treatment points around New Hampshire, showing no significant impact on other area plants.

“We implored the Park Commission to respect our science-guided concerns and the concerns of the more than 1,700 members of the public who signed a petition opposing the use of the herbicide, and urged the Commission to partner with us in conducting the Lake George-specific scientific studies needed to determine those impacts. The Park Commission repeatedly rejected our overtures, leaving us no choice but to proceed with legal action to stop the use of ProcellaCOR in Lake George this year,” the LGA wrote in a statement.

The APA was unable to provide a response immediately on Friday.