GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Lehigh Cement plant off of Warren Street is set to close in 2023. When it does, it will end an over 100-year run in the city – as well as the employment of 85 people.

A recent posting from the New York State Department of Labor Office of Dislocated Workers Program revealed a timeline for layoffs at the plant, which was announced to close over the course of 2023. A notice posted by the department on Tuesday, Dec. 13, reports that most of the plant’s 85 employees will be terminated between April 3-17, 2023.

“With the phased manner shut down, some employees will remain at the plant beyond the identified 14-day period,” the department posting states. “However, all separations are expected to be accomplished by the end of 2023.”

The posting notes that the employees in question are not represented by a union. The plant is set to be closed completely by the end of 2023.

In an announcement last month, parent company Lehigh Hanson said that the closure came as a result of changes in cost-effectiveness within the cement industry. The company highlighted issues with aging and smaller-scale plants, of which the Glens Falls location is one.

Lehigh’s Glens Falls plant was founded in 1893. Once it closes, increased cement output will be facilitated by a plant in Cementon, Greene County. City Mayor Bill Collins recently told NEWS10 that the city was not aware of the closure until shortly before the announcement was made public. The facility is located on Warren Street, close to where Glens Falls meets Hudson Falls.