LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – This week, residents of Lake George said yes to the school district’s 2023 capital project plan. The 2023 plan focuses on transportation resources to keep kids coming to school safely.

The $13.5 million plan will create a new transportation facility for Lake George Central School District’s school buses. The plan went through by a vote of 188 for to 48 against.

“On behalf of the Board of Education, we want to thank everyone who came out to vote and for the community support of this project,” said Lake George School Superintendent John Luthringer. “We are excited to have this outcome and look forward to beginning the next phases of the transportation project.”

The new transportation facility will allow for school staff to better perform upkeep of Lake George school buses. It will replace a 1953 facility that was rated “unsatisfactory” and “poor” in a recent conditions survey by the district. Staff have reported inefficiencies within the current service station, which received its last upgrades in 2002. Its electrical system and water lines are the originals from when the building was constructed.

In a video by the district outlining some issues, bus mechanics describe the struggles to fit modern school buses in the existing garage. It’s not possible to do exterior work on buses inside the garage, due to increases in bus size since the building’s construction. In the winter, the roof leaks. Parts storage is cramped, and the heaters spit out soot. All of these problems require workarounds, which slow work down, and make it harder to perform proper upkeep.

The current facility is located within the village of Lake George. The new garage will be in the town, on the grounds of Lake George Elementary School.