LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Ice Castles Lake George was forced to close its doors for much of the weekend, due to fluctuating temperatures that have made multiple rises above freezing in recent weeks. As Monday’s high entered the 40s and toward the 50s, another update came from the castle by the lake, courtesy of Lake George Steamboat Company on Facebook.

An organizer from Ice Castles shared with the steamboat company that the attraction would remain closed from Monday to Thursday, Feb. 24, due to weather forecasted to stay in the 50s into Tuesday and Wednesday. From there, things aren’t certain.

“We are not open today-Thursday due to the warm temperatures,” Ice Castles said in a statement to the steamboat company. “We hope to reopen during the evenings on Friday-Sunday but have to wait to see what the condition of the castle is in after warm temps and rain this week.”

Tickets will be refunded to all who purchased them. Ice Castles is not offering to move tickets to different dates, due to the uncertainty of whether they will be able to reopen again before the end of winter.

Anyone who bought a ticket is encouraged to check their junk mail folder to ensure they don’t miss any correspondence related to ticket refunds. Ice Castles can be reached via email at

Last Friday, Ice Castles announced the closure of the Lake George location for Saturday, Feb. 19; most of Sunday, Feb. 20; and all day Monday, Feb. 21. The castle has been open for visitors since January.