LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – If there were a drawbridge, it would be about to get lowered. After weeks of hard – and cold – work, Lake George’s latest winter attraction is coming to life.

Ice Castles is opening its new attraction at Charles R. Wood Park this Sunday, Jan. 23. The company behind the creation creates huge structures, entirely made of ice, featuring slides, tunnels, thrones, lights and wintery scenes for families to enjoy and explore. Lake George is the sixth state the company has visited.

Those who want to get in there and explore can buy their tickets starting at 8 p.m. Wednesday. Admission for an adult is $20 for a weekday, or $27 for a weekend; and $15 for a weekday or $22 for a weekend for a child.

It’s been a long eight weeks at the park, growing and developing thousands of icicles over time to create a castle over 25 tons of ice strong. A visit in early January showed sprinklers spraying water onto the existing ice as the castle grew.

This winter is the first that Ice Castles will be in New York. The company chooses locations with nearby water bodies, so when the castle melts in the spring, all of that runoff has somewhere to go. In Lake George, the answer is right in the name; the waterfront is less than a quarter-mile away.

Lake George is one of five locations hosting a castle this winter. Others are based in Minnesota, Wisconsin, New Hampshire and Utah.