LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – On Wednesday morning, the Lake George Association reported the passing of a critical figure in its history of conservation. Jeff Killeen passed away on Wednesday, leaving behind a legacy of advocacy and work to keep Lake George clean – one that he helped to shape into its current form.

“Tireless of vision, spirit, and commitment, Jeff gave all of himself to the lake he loved,” the Lake George Association wrote in a statement. “His deep passion for Lake George was contagious and inspiring, and united our community behind the Lake as only Jeff could – with grace, humor, and a steadfast belief in our shared ability to keep Lake George clear and clean.”

Killeen’s time with lake preservation started with a group that would eventually form half of the modern Lake George Association. He served as the chairman of The FUND for Lake George, a conservation group that he led in science-guided lake quality protection, starting in 2011. The FUND merged with the Lake George Association in 2021, becoming the modern Lake George Association – a merger that Killeen is credited for spearheading, and became the chairman of.

Prior to his work in Lake George, Killeen held positions including CEO of GlobalSpec, and He graduated from St. Lawrence University in Potsdam in 1975.

“It is fitting that the sun shines bright on Lake George today. Jeff’s spirit lives on, lighting our way through the darkness of grief to honor his legacy of love for Lake George and fulfill the promise of lasting Lake protection,” the LGA wrote.