GREENWICH, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A Washington County woman found an unwelcomed visitor on her security camera over the weekend. She was alerted to the incident hours after it happened.

Normally a private person, Kat Grimes made a public post on Facebook after realizing just how close she was to a scary situation Saturday afternoon.

“I don’t know how this happened without me knowing.”

Grimes said the doors to her Greenwich home are always locked. She checked the security camera app on her phone while on her way home from work when she found a photo of a man looking back at her.

“No one I work with; I’m not on dating apps; I don’t have any weird people that I know of,” she said. “I can’t ID this man without the public’s help.”

Grimes said the man was inside her home when the camera snapped his photo. She had left the camera charging in the dining room before work as she was getting ready for the day.

“I was blow drying my hair,” she recalled. “I wouldn’t of heard him with a blow dryer on. When I saw the timestamp on it, I realized we crossed the same room in the same ten minutes.”

She said there was cash on the table, and all of it was still there.

“What is the intension? Someone came into my house in the same period of time, did not attack, did not take anything. It doesn’t make sense to me.”

Grimes alerted New York State Police, who are now investigating and checking in on her periodically.

“Even walking around today, I’m like, okay, so middle of the day, am I anticipating a human coming into my presence,” she said. “Trying to be realistic, not let this run my life because I have to continue to live here. It’s a little surreal.”

She’s sharing the photo hoping someone will recognize him. If you recognize the man, you’re asked to call state police.