WARREN COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – It’s important to know and understand what potential hazards could come with where one lives, and what different weather conditions can bring to those areas. Warren County is looking for public input as it makes updates to its plan to curb natural disaster danger for county residents.

The county’s Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan is up for revision – and a survey gives residents a chance to weigh in on it. The plan is a document that can be used by the county to reduce the impact and damage from natural disasters, especially targeted at preventing and breaking cycles of damage, reconstruction and more damage.

“Public participation and feedback are a vital part of the hazard mitigation planning process,” said Warren County Emergency Services Director Ann Marie Mason. “We ask that those who live in or visit Warren County take the brief online survey to detail any instances where they have experienced disaster or noted vulnerabilities, and their thoughts on changes that should be made.”

The survey asks for residents to report what types of natural disasters they have seen and experienced in Warren County over the last decade, such as flooding, drought and climate change impacts. It also seeks information such as concern for future disasters, and how residents get their disaster information.

The Hazard Minitagition Plan is updated every five years. The plan is used for communities to make risk-based decisions that can lead to fewer lives being lost, or less property being damaged, in the event of a disaster. The process going forward will also involve voices from nonprofits, community partners and the private sector. The plan will analyze how best to protect essential community facilities, transportation systems, lifeline utilities and hazardous material facilities.