LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – In the village of Lake George, the castle is nearly ready to be stormed. At Charles R. Wood Festival Commons, Ice Castles is hard at work forming thousands of icicles into a winter attraction – despite some warm temperatures over the last month.

Ice Castles Lake George is set to open to the public next Monday, Feb. 6. The attraction gates open at 4 p.m. to ticket holders, starting a season of frosty spaces to explore, photos to be taken, and a new ice bar to be enjoyed. Colorful lights in the ice will light the park-sized kingdom of ice by night.

“We’re excited to finally announce our opening day in New York,” said Ice Castles CEO Kyle Standifird. “Mother Nature has thrown us a few challenges this season, which delayed our opening. While winter doesn’t always come on our schedule, we’re thankful that it does come eventually.”

Ice Castles employees have been at Charles R. Wood Park since January, growing icicles by hand to add to an enormous structure, planned to be bigger than the destination’s debut in 2022. In early January, warm temperatures meant that the then-half-built castle was melting as they added to it, meaning days lost to mitigating damage while organizers waited for mother nature to cooperate.

Ice Castles tickets are available for purchase exclusively through the official website. Weekday (Monday-Thursday) admission is priced at $22 for general, and $15 for children. Weekends (Friday-Sunday) are priced at $29 general and $22 for children.

Ice Castles Lake George is expected to stay open through February and into March. Ice Castles attractions are also open in Wisconsin, Minnesota, New Hampshire and Utah.