LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – This week, Ice Castles New York in Lake George embraced snow and cold weather, extending its hours to let more visitors in. On Wednesday, the attraction announced that only a few days remain in its season – no more extensions to be made.

Ice Castles announced that its Lake George locations will close on Sunday, March 5, giving visitors one more weekend to explore its halls, slides, ice bar, and more. Tickets are on sale for the final weekend through the Ice Castles website.

Ice Castles’ Charles R. Wood Park location was open for just under a month this year. That season was complicated by warmer-than-average temperatures, keeping it closed until Feb. 6 after original intentions to open it around the end of January. Once open, the castle closed for a week mid-month due to further warm temperatures.

On Wednesday, Ice Castles said that in that roughly monthlong period, tens of thousands of visitors made their way to the lakeside attraction. This year, Ice Castles introduced a “Polar Pub” ice bar and light walk. The Lake George castle is one of five locations that opened nationwide this winter. Others were based in New Brighton, Minnesota; Lincoln, New Hampshire; Lake Geneva, Wisconsin; and Midway, Utah.

Ice Castles constructs its castles out of hand-formed icicles. Locations are selected based on proximity to water. When spring comes, the ice will melt down, and the castle – freshly liquified – will flow back into the lake, less than a quarter mile away. Buy your tickets for Ice Castles’ final weekend now.