LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Warmer weather has made things difficult for winter events in the village of Lake George over the last two weekends. One big one, the Ice Castles attraction at Charles R. Wood Park, is set to close for its second weekend in a row, after two days of temperatures well above freezing. Despite a colder Friday, the future of the attraction is uncertain.

On Friday, a statement from Ice Castles was shared on Facebook via the nearby Lake George Steamboat Company, which has gotten the word out on previous changes. The steamboats are neighbors to the attraction, and to Charles R. Wood Park.

“Thank you for your support of Ice Castles,” said the statement. “We regret to inform you that due to rain and warm temperatures, Ice Castles in Lake George, N.Y. will be closed on the following dates.”

The castles gates are closed all day on Saturday, Feb. 19; from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 20; and all day on Monday, Feb. 21. Additionally, the castle’s “VIP Arctic Alcove” will be closed all day on Sunday.

Friday’s weather forecast showed temperatures as high as 56 on Friday. Those temperatures move down but stay above freezing, sitting in the mid-30s from Saturday to Monday. Ice Castles indicated that if those weather patterns continue, it could indicate things to come.

“These weather-related challenged may continue and, if so, could result in the end of our season,” the post read. Ice Castles Lake George opened in January.

Ice Castles said that the process of refunding tickets has already begun. People planning to visit on Thursday should have received refunds as well, as the castle closed down for the day. Due to the uncertainty of the attraction’s next few weeks, Ice Castles is not offering ticket exchanges for different dates. As of midday Friday, the full weekend was listed as sold out.

NEWS10 reached out to Ice Castles employees several times over the last week, asking for any information about how warm weather was affecting the castle long-term. The company was unable to provide any information.

The loss of Ice Castles would be a blow, but the empire of ice isn’t the only thing going on at Lake George this month. The Lake George Winter Carnival is set to enter its third weekend on Saturday and Sunday. Carnival co-organizer Nancy Nichols said that the only on-ice event canceled for the weekend were the scheduled motorcycle races.