LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The village of Lake George works hard to be seen more and more as a year-round tourist destination. The summer is still the busiest time of all, but there’s something going on in every season. Every year, the Lake George Regional Chamber of Commerce puts out a new guide to help lakeside visitors get around, and see everything that’s there to see.

This week, the 2022 Lake George Four-Season Travel Guide was released. The 52-page guide includes a color-coded map of the Lake George area, trivia and facts about life and history along the lake and village, and over 400 listings that include things to do, places to eat, and shopping sites.

70,000 copies of the guide get printed out every year. They’re not just found in the village, either. Copies can be found around the state, at tourist centers and AAA offices, just to name a few. Figuring out where those copies should go is where a lot of data comes in, year by year.

“With new data from where our visitors were coming from, we were able to readjust our distribution plan in 2021 to place the guides where they’d be most likely to be picked up. In 2022, we made similar changes to our distribution plan to match current intel,” said Chamber Executive Director Gina Mintzer.

The guide also includes photos and travel tips submitted by readers. Any Lake George area local or frequent traveler can submit their own recommendations or photos through the chamber directly.

The Lake George Regional Chamber of Commerce tracks seasonal tourism, using factors like hotel stays to gauge what makes a strong season. That data shows that more hotel rooms have been occupied year-over-year, from 2018 to 2021, including the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year’s guide is covered by a photo of the Paradise Bay area on the lake, photographed by F. Cavone Productions, along with a strip of other smaller photos. Chamber followers voted on the design on social media.